Large or small, make your fundraising event successful using our fundraising product range to help promote and legitimize your cause!

Advertise & Inform

Fundraising Posters

Promote your event, advertise booths, special events and direct attendees with an informative and eye-catching poster! Try new Zapco Wall Fabric for indoor and outdoor posters that will last through the elements. For clear windows, try Zapco Clear Window Cling for an obstruction free sign.

3D_Post Card
Spread the Word

Promotional Postcard

Raise awareness and spread the news of your fundraising event with a promotional postcard! Available in a variety of colors and with perforated coupons and business cards

Get your Tickets Here!

Fundraising Raffle Tickets

Whether you are hosting a raffle or need admission tickets, Zapco tickets are customizable and come in a variety of sizes to suit your ticket printing needs!

Introductions have Never been Easier

Name Badges

“What was your name again?” is not a phrase you will using at your next fundraising event when you use Zapco’s premium name badges! Avaialbe in stick on and as plastic card inserts.

Marathon? Fun Run?

Racing Bibs

Hosting a fun run or multiple distance races? Use our new Satin Digital Fabric to print your own racing bibs! Lightweight, moisture, and tear resistant, it is the perfect solution to create beautiful and durable racing bibs!