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Item PF81RL: Right & Left Pocket Presentation Folder Kit (UPC 807295215153)

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Odds are, when you were a kid, you had to purchase pocket folders every year before school started for all of your subjects. You may even have adored this process, as you could choose your favorite image on the cover, such as a unicorn or a Transformer. Zapco Paper offers the best die-cut paper products, including die-cut pocket folders. Learn more about our offerings, and get in touch today.

Self-Adhesive Pockets

Our paper company is proud to offer our self-adhesive pockets that will fit into a standard presentation folder. These high-quality die-cut pockets are a perfect addition for your custom pocket folder. Shop today.

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Presentation Folders

Presentation folders are incredibly useful for keeping all of your important documents in one place. Plus, if you have an event coming up, these presentation folders make it easy to distribute event materials. Shop today.

Pocket Presentation Folder Kit

Looking to craft your own custom pocket folders? Invest in this pocket presentation folder kit, and you'll have everything you need for your needs. Simply choose your paper and quantity. Shop now.

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4 Right & Left Pocket Presentation Folder Paper Kit Slits

Make your presentation folders secure with our right and left pocket presentation folder paper kit slits. These options allow for complete customization. Shop today.

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