Security Paper Hero

Security paper has become a must with both individuals and companies in order to protect important information and items in packaging and mail, as well as from having the paper altered itself. Crafted with artificial watermarks, uniform backgrounds, and erasure protection, you can rest assured that our tamper-resistant paper gets the job done. Order online today.

Security Guard Perforated Paper

This two-part carbonless paper contains Rx void pantograph, coin reactive, and thermochromic ink in order to ensure your important documents stay secure. This watermark paper works well with many printer types, including digital, laser, inkjet, and offset printers. Shop now.

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Security Guard Plus Prescription Paper

If you need tamper-evident paper, our Security Guard Plus Prescription Paper is a good choice. Use for any of your secure paper needs, as it features a variety of tamper-resistant features to keep your documents safe. Order in different colors today.

Security Guard Plus Void 2-Sides Security Paper

It can be incredibly useful to have both sides printed for security for important documents you don't want tampered with. Our security paper with two sides is great for all of your needs. Shop online today.

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Security Guard Plus Coated Front

You'll love this Security Guard Plus Coated Front for your needs.  This anti-photocopy paper will show a hidden pantograph if it's attempted to be reproduced. Perfect for all of your important documents you don't want tampered with. Order online today.

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Zapco Paper understands that you cannot afford to take any undue risk, especially if you are a business owner, when it comes to security. We offer a wide variety of anti-photocopy and tamper-resistant paper for your needs. Shop today!